Dreamed the Northerner - Don't Be A Hero
  • Artist: Dreamed the Northerner
  • Category: Pop
  • Name: Don't Be A Hero
  • Size: 1113mb
  • Quality: flac, MP3
Dreamed the Northerner - Don't Be A Hero
  • Tracklist

    1 Will We Ever Be? 3:06
    2 Bring Yourself In 3:25
    3 The L.4.L.D.G 4:52
    4 Can't Be Trusted 4:10
    5 Please Don't Ever Leave Us 3:24
    6 [Intermission] 3:13
    7 Hanging It Up? 4:26
    8 Our Lives 4:19
    9 The Last Act 3:57
    10 Twilight 3:40
    11 Don't Be A Hero 2:30


    It had seemed as if the dark ages of Sundance City were beginning to come to a close. The streets had been cleaned. Chaos was avoided. And evil could no longer turn its back to the law. The Green Phantasm, alongside the Sundance Police Force, had put notorious super villains, Odds Oracle, Mad Billy King Watson, The Jinx, and Jo Jo Jilila behind bars. Major mob forces were starting to erode, and finally Sundance City was heading for a place of peace. However, villainy never sleeps.

    In this week's thrilling new episode, the Green Phantasm meets fists with an old friend turned adversary, his new arch nemesis, The Shadow. What kind of evil plot will this new villain construct? Can the Green Phantasm stop the Shadow before it’s too late? Can he save his beloved Dolly Gordon and his city at the same time? Find out in this week's exciting new episode of the Green Phantasm, "Don't Be A Hero.”

    All songs written & recorded by Dreamed the Northerner

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