Echoes Landing - Closer To You
Echoes Landing - Closer To You
  • Tracklist

    1 Closer To You 04:41
    2 Reach Out II 04:25
    3 Timing 04:18
    4 Real Life 04:02
    5 Conversation 03:32
    6 Echoes Landing 04:44
    7 I 02:37
    8 Side by Side 03:54
    9 Mr. Stills 02:18
    10 Shine My Way 04:04
    11 The Storm (part I) 01:25
    12 Reach Out I 03:20


    Echoes Landing is pre-Scarlet Hollow

    Echoes Landing was formed by Allison vonBuelow and Gregg Olson in 2002 out of a strong commitment to providing a source of music for people that demand sonic and emotional depth in the music they listen to.

    Echoes Landing vocalist, Allison vonBulow, has one of the strongest and most intelligible voices in rock, and has been compared to the likes of Ann Wilson and Joni Mitchell. Guitarist, Gregg Olson, is a virtuoso in his own right and blends his soulful playing with the chops and fire of artists like Eric Johnson and Steve Vai.

    Both Allision and Gregg have strong and diverse musical influences. Allison comes from a singer/songwriter background. Gregg has eclectic tastes, leaning towards progressive, jazz, and atmospheric music. We thought it would be interesting to combine the two very different approaches in not only the writing process but the engineering and mixing stages as well.

    llison von Buelow - ( Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, synths, and Lyrics )
    Gregg Olson - ( Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, and Percussion Programming)

    Special Guest:
    Gregg Bissonette
    Bob Conti
    Tom Evans
    Joel Klass
    Andy Jermsted
    Wayne Boyer
    James Hurley
    Mic Mahan
    Craig Randall

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