Shame Train - Splendor
Shame Train - Splendor
  • Tracklist

    1 A Broken Hearted Girl With a Dirty Mind
    2 The Belmonte
    3 1/2 Right
    4 Marching Dust
    5 All These Lines
    6 Wax Lips Wax Wings
    7 Mile After Mile
    8 Angel, You're Free Now
    9 Broken Bottle
    10 Stumblina
    11 A 45 With Every Skip in Time


    recorded at three different studios and at home over the course of a decade and involving everyone who has ever been in shame train over the decade splendor is sweeping
    released April 2, 2008

    sam knutson-guitar vocals, wes phillips-bass, percussion, drums, ryan brnemann- bass, vocals, trombone, arrangement, adam bernemann- drums, chris gelbuda, guitar, arrangement, nathan bassinger-hammond organ, wurlitzer, bass harmonica, arrangement, tim phillips-trombone, david bassinger-baritone saxaphone, randall davis- electric guitar, marty christiensen- bass, laura savage- viola, laura goddard- violin

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